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Time to set our game plan.

Join your fellow PDCers for lively discussion and pain-free decision making re next year's club actions and campaigns.

When:   1:00-5:00pm  Saturday, August 15

Where:   Paul Elerick's home, 1960 Jennifer Drive, Aptos

What:    We'll have drinks and munchies, schmooze with friends and hear proposals for actions, discuss each, and prioritize to come up with a game plan for 2015-16 and preparing for the 2016 elections.

More information: PDC@calcentral.com

Submit a proposal for action?  see "Submit a Proposal" below or email nabbey@cruzio.com

We welcome proposals for actions/projects  by any PDC  member or by a representative of another organization asking our collaboration.  Due two weeks  (Aug. 1)  before retreat  and screened by Executive committee.  Those accepted will be presented to the membership present at the retreat by the chair or member of the project team.

Criteria used by members to judge and prioritize proposals will be that the proposed action/project will: 

  • Address a critical and timely  issue
  • Have an actual impact on the issue
  •  Is feasible given PDC resources of people-power and treasury
  • Will benefit the PDC by raising the PDC's visibility in the community and attracting membership

Proposals will be presented to the membership present orally and in pr…

Join the Santa Cruz Democratic Central Committee for the most fun event of the year!


      5:30 P.M.
      Thursday, August 6th

      The Galleria, 740 Front Street

 Due to space limitations, the first 50 RSVP's are in the door.

RSVP to Leslie, 335.4765 or to coastldy@aol.com


           Meeting convened 6:35: Gail Jack, President 

              22 members attended

1)    Introductions

2)    Guest, Bruce Holloway: presented a proposal to allow tenants to vote on the SLVWD rate increases: Bruce reported that due to water conservation; rates are going up in water districts. At this time, there is no voting on rate increases, only protests allowed. 50% of users must submit a protest in order to stop it.  Bruce believes that tenants should be able to participate in the process of voting on any new rate increases.  In the past, when tenants tried to speak, they were told…

On January 25th, state Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins announced a housing-bill package designed to stabilize the lives of young people, families, and Californians struggling to get by on threadbare budgets. 

AB 35 (Chiu and Atkins)

One of the biggest challenges faced by affordable developers is the lack of funding available to build apartments and homes that remain affordable. Introduced by long-time housing champion and freshman Assemblymember from San Francisco, David Chiu, AB 35 would expand the state's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit by $300 million annually. 

Expansion of the state tax credit will have two positive effects: Developers will not only have access to more funding for building developments where the rents remain affordable, but they will also b…

20 people in attendance

Deborah Luhrman, chair of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee (DCC) explained how the PDC fits into the structure of the County and State Democratic Party.  A Democratic Club is connected to the party structure through membership in the county central committee which elects delegates to the state central committee.

While our PDC representatives (Ron Pomerantz, member and Glen Schaller alternate) don't have a vote in the Central Committee's endorsement of candidates, we have a vote on all other decisions and, in fact, our PDC representatives can run for and hold office.  For a list of the current members of the DCC http://www.cruzdemocrats.org/about/member-roster/ .

She did point out that the PDC has taken an active role in the…

Sacramento, Calif - This Friday, officials at the California Department of Regulation will wrap up the initial phase of public input on new efforts to protect schoolchildren from nearby use of hazardous agricultural pesticides. After a series of public workshops across the state, the agency will now begin drafting new rules.

With schools set to open in the coming weeks, affected communities and health professionals are calling for strong protections for California schoolchildren.

"Teachers, parents and their communities have spoken out," said Francisco Rodriguez, a special education teacher and leader of the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers. "It's time to protect our children and eliminate the use of outdated and hazardous pesticides that can harm their bodies and brains n…

Proposal:  Committee on State Ballot Measures

Goal:  To have maximum impact on the initiatives reaching the 2016 ballot.

Description of Project:  a PDC committee would be formed to start tracking initiatives that have been approved for signature collection, collecting signatures for those supported by the PDC membership, and educating re those we oppose.

Rationale/Impact:  we need to start now to promote and collect signatures for ballot measures we approve of, and actively oppose objectionable proposed initiatives to keep them off the 2016 ballot. If we don't start now, we can't influence what's actually on the ballot.

Work entailed: 

1.      Form committee of 3-5 people (including reps from other Dem clubs and like-minded organizations…

Please Join Us at the Collateral Damage Statue for A Coming Together

70 years ago, the United States dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

Today, in a time of increasing tensions between the U.S., its NATO allies, and Russia, there are nearly 16,000 nuclear weapons, 94% held by the U.S. and Russia. The two sides are brandishing nuclear weapons on the borders of the Ukraine, posing an intolerable threat to humanity and the global environment.

On Sunday, August 2nd, starting at 6 pm, we will hold a Coming Together next to this Statue at the Town Clock Park in downtown Santa Cruz to say: No to Nuclear Weapons, No to War!

We will begin the evening with a brushing, waxing and buffing of the Collateral Damage Statue. Starting at 6:30, Aileen Vance, Gai…

The Affordable Housing Now! campaign started with a forum on April 25 that featured a panel of housing experts including Julie Conway, from the County Planning Department, Karina Cervantes, Watsonville City Council, and David Foster, director of Habitat for Humanity. Over 40 community members attended and joined in the discussion of housing needs and suggested solutions that could be explored by the county, the four cities in Santa Cruz County, and the state. Four committees were formed to address the suggested solutions:

Affordable Housing Experts:  will use their experience and expertise in developing housing to evaluate proposed "solutions" to the lack of affordable housing in Santa Cruz, and recommend advocacy positions for the campaign when we lobby the state a…

Last fall, Gov. Brown signed into law major changes to California's initiative process.  The following changes are cited in an article on KQED blog by John Myers.
  1. a new month long public review of initiatives in which backers can make changes;
  2. a process for legislators and initiative proponents to craft a compromise in the state Capitol and avoid an election altogether;and
  3. a new, continually updated online list of top initiative donors.

Read the full article at: http://ww2.kqed.org/news/2014/09/27/big-changes-to-california-initiative-process-signed-by-jerry-brown/

Next meeting, November 21

  1. The treasurer's report showed a balance of $380.52 in the checking account. Two fundraising efforts are underway:  an event in November at Paul Elerick's house, and a drive by the membership committee to raise dues from lapsed members.

  2. The Move to Amend campaign in Santa Cruz County was endorsed by unanimous consensus.  For more information about Move to amend and the local campaign: https://movetoamend.org/ca-santa-cruz.

  3. Gail Jack reported that the Crosson North County Democratic Club's second meeting was attended by approximately 30 people.  Amanda Robinson was elected president and Coco Ranier-Walte, vice president.  Offices of secretary and treasurer are still open.  The club will meet the first Tuesday of the month at Bruno's …

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