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Have we got candidates!!!!

Six important local races.

Monday Oct. 3 (see details below)

  • Capitola City Council - 2 seats
  • County Office of Education - 1 seat
  • Central Fire District - 4 seats (to replace incumbents who passed a retroactive pay cut!)
  • Live Oak School District - 2 seats
  • Santa Cruz Port District - 3 seats (challengers to replace incumbents)
  • Soquel Creek Water District 1 two-year seat

Where:  Center for Spiritual Living
               1818 Felt Street -
off 17th between Brommer and Portola

Time:  6:30 - 9:00pm
            Sponsors: Peoples Democratic Club, 350.org, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Santa Cruz for Bernie

6:30pm Thursday, October 20
Democratic Headquarters
Ground floor of the Galleria between Riverside Theater and Cafe Mare

Guest Speaker: David Foster, Habitat for Humanity Director
David will describe the Habitat program designed to help seniors stay in their homes.
(see Sentinel article below - Put the Granny back in the Grannies)


Gail Jack called meeting to order at 6:38pm.  14 members in attendance were too few for quorum and vote on candidates   Plans to complete endorsement matters on line will be forthcoming.

Treasury Report: $7900

Housing Issues: David Foster will speak at next PDC meeting (October 20) re Habitat's proposed program to assist seniors to build "granny" units so they can "age in place. " David Foster is now Director for both Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. 

Nancy passed out a tentative calendar for Affordable Housing Week events commencing Thursday October 13 at the Museum of Art and History.  The final schedule will be available on the PDC website by September 25 www.pdclub.org and on the new Santa Cruz Community Calendar at http://santacruzcommunity…

A pilot program in the works harkens back to the origins of so-called accessory dwelling unit slang: "granny flat," and offers to move struggling seniors into new tailor-made garage-sized living units on their own property. The main house would then be turned into an affordable housing rental, overseen by a professional property management company.

"The idea of using ADUs to help seniors has been a concept in the geriatrics community for a long time," Housing and Community Development Manager Carol Berg said. "There hasn't been a program like what we're doing, which is targeting an extremely vulnerable population."

The program, which will need Santa Cruz City Council approval for funding and the volunteer manpower of&n…


No Place Like Home: The Santa Cruz Affordable Housing Crisis Study

    with Community Dialog, Arts Exhibit, and Digital Project Launch

7:00pm - Thursday October 13

A campus-community event to showcase the findings from a multi-media research project on the affordable housing crisis in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
705 Front St, Santa Cruz

This event is free and open to the public. Simultaneous translation available.

We will exhibit art work and new digital tools focusing on how local residents experience the housing crisis, as well as preliminary results from a large-scale survey and interview project carried out by UCSC students in coordination with Community Bridges, and other local community organizations in the Beach Flats and …


Stationary Engineers Strike at Dominican
Saturday, October 1 - 7am-6pm

Remember the 72 day strike two years ago?  We stood with them then, let's do it again if an agreement isn't reached on Tuesday night. We'll keep you posted.

These are the men and women who keep the hospital running and keep patients safe, yet once again they are threatened with having their hours reduced.  This indignity from Dignity Health isn't made easier by Lloyd Dean, a CEO who took home $5,136,883  plus $2,050,325* in bonus and incentive pay in 2013 - probably more per year since that.           *http://khn.org/news/hospital-ceo-compensation-chart/

Boycott Driscolls Continues
Saturday, October 15 - 1pm

Rally and Protest at Driscoll's Berrie…

With Mike Rhodes, author
           Dispatches from the War Zone

Wednesday, October 5
7:00- 9:00 pm

Free Admission

the Auditorium at the Museum of Art and History
705 Front Street near the corner of Cooper and Front

Dispatches from the War Zone author Mike Rhodes will be speaking about his book and what can be done to defend homeless peoples' human and civil rights.

Rhodes was a key organizer in a 2006 class action lawsuit by the homeless against the City of Fresno. The $2.3 million settlement forced the city to stop bulldozing homeless encampments and compensated the homeless for their losses.

Following the presentation there will be a Q&A and panel discussion on the Santa Cruz Sleeping ban and other issues effecting our homeless co…

On August 29, with 55 members voting, each of the four candidates reached the 60% required for endorsement. 

Note of interest:  Santa Cruz for Bernie and the Montery Bay Labor Council endorsed the same four candidates affirming the strong political/ideological alignment between the three groups - social justice, labor rights, human rights, economic justice.


By Jessica York,
Santa Cruz Sentinel - August 1, 2016

Brown, an assistant professor whose courses have ranged from American politics to urban food policy at her previous University of San Francisco and current University of the Pacific, has lived in Santa Cruz since first attending UC Sa…

By Jessica A. York
Santa Cruz Sentinel;  June 30, 2016

Longtime The Bike Church mechanic and nonprofit director Steve Schnaar will make his first bid for a Santa Cruz City Council seat in November.

The 38-year-old Westside resident, who founded in 2010 and continues to run the Santa Cruz Fruit Tree Project, said he strongly considered running for a council seat two years ago, but ended up backing off and supporting candidate Leonie Sherman's campaign instead. Schnaar also served as treasurer on Councilman Micah Posner's 2012 council campaign.

This year, Schnaar said he is taking steps to seek his own council seat, after regularly seeing the public's will go unheeded in recent years.

"I've been dedicated to serving and improving our community for years, and I'm in…

Drew Glover, founder and executive director of environmental sustainability nonprofit Project Pollinate, will throw his hat into the ring for one of four Santa Cruz City Council seats in the Nov. 8 election.

Glover, 30, said the council and city government power structure's makeup do not fully represent the community's makeup, a point that spurred him to run. He cited in particular recent decisions made contrary to popular public opinion on the Police Department obtaining a BearCat vehicle, leasing the Beach Flats Community Garden and other issues.

"I think that it is time for change in local city government that represents the people and not special interest groups," Glover said.

Glover said as a co…

Chris Krohn, a UC Santa Cruz environmental studies internship coordinator, will take a second go at city governance in November, after a 14-year gap.

Krohn, 58, is the only candidate besides incumbent Cynthia Mathews with a past political record, having served on the council from 1998 to 2002, with one year as mayor. He first pulled his candidacy paperwork on Aug. 9, after none of the approximately 10 people he encouraged to run stepped forward and Councilman Micah Posner's announced plans not to run for a second term, Krohn said.

Krohn said it was "is a huge decision" to run while holding down a full-time job and being a parent to his two daughters. However, Krohn said he wanted voters to be able to vote f…

Chris will be hosting songwriter Russell Brutsché at the Krohn home, 123 Green St, on Friday, September 23 at 5 pm.
Long-time local artist-activist Brutsché will be releasing his third CD at this sit-down concert, $10-20 sliding scale, proceeds going to the Krohn4Council campaign.

Known for his participation in Open Studios and also in Desal Alternatives, Russell will have his some of his art on display as well. He recently portrayed an under-water Santa Cruz to draw attention to sea-rising and climate change:

Reviewed as having "incisive, whimsical perspectives of our central coast" (Aptos Times) and as "vivid, socially aware" (Santa Cruz Sentinel), Brutsché presents his story-songs on "Bucket of Gold" with hope, humor and humility, to a world in fragile balance. Fell…

by  Rick Longinotti, chair

We support many of the projects and programs in the tax measure. But we can't agree to burden county residents with a 30­year, $100 million debt for a discredited strategy of widening Highway 1 for auxiliary lanes. Widening Highway 1 won't work to reduce congestion1, according to the Draft Environmental Impact Report published by Caltrans last year. A wider highway will result in more cars on the highway2. That means more cars on our roadways?and more emissions. The Caltrans report predicts continued "breakdown" of traffic flow on Highway 1 following expansion.3 This prediction is consistent with study after study that shows congestion relief following highway expansion is short­lived at best.4

Over the course of several months, CFST att…

by Steve Pleich

Santa Cruz County voters will decide in November on a half-cent sales tax that would fund local transportation improvements. Recent approval by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors was the last step in a two-year process to place the measure on the ballot, the measure having been previously approved by the city councils of Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Capitola. If approved by two-thirds of voters, the half-cent sales tax would be effective in 2017 and expire in 30 years. However, it would increase sales taxes by only a quarter-cent over current levels because a previously approved quarter cent sales tax expires in December.

Titled the "Safety, Pothole Repair, Traffic Relief, Transit Improvement Measure," it is expected to raise $500 million. The funds w…

By John Leopold

After years of conflict about which part of the transportation network would be built, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission has developed a measure to strengthen and expand our transportation network for everyone. The RTC has worked to develop a Transportation Improvement Plan (TRIP) to get Santa Cruz County moving. They have placed a measure on the ballot this November for the community to support this plan.

The TRIP looks at the critical elements of our transportation system and seeks to make major progress in all areas. The plan works to repair our local roads and improve safety for students by making its largest investment in our local road system.  Loss of the gas tax revenue has blown a multi-million dollar hole in our loc…

by Don Lane

Per a tentative arrangement made last year, I'm planning a dinner with five friends.  As our dinner  approaches, we have an interesting dilemma.

  • Sam likes tofu, never eats dessert, and dislikes trendy food
  • Tony is vegetarian and has an aversion to meat.
  • Maria eats just about anything and doesn't eat much of any one thing.
  • Julia likes a balance but she insists on having some meat at dinner.
  • Chris has bad teeth and only eats softer foods.
  • I like to try trendy dishes. I generally avoid meat.
I'm hoping for a peaceful meal together but also heard a suggestion that we dine separately to avoid conflict over dietary preferences.  This second alternative seemed unsatisfactory in that we often are able to help support each other when we dine together.  Also…

Proposition 51    [1669. (15-0005)]  -  School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statutory Amendment.      Thomas W. Hiltachk (916) 442-7757
Authorizes $9 billion in general obligation bonds: $3 billion for new construction and $3 billion for modernization of K-12 public school facilities; $1 billion for charter schools and vocational education facilities; and $2 billion for California Community Colleges facilities. Bars amendment to existing authority to levy developer fees to fund school facilities, until new construction bond proceeds are spent or December 31, 2020, whichever is earlier. Bars amendment to existing State Allocation Board process for allocating school construction funding, as to these …

Sacramento, CA - Senator Ben Allen (D - Santa Monica) and Senator Mark Leno (D - San Francisco) announced today their authorship of legislation to place an advisory measure on the November 2016 ballot urging the United States Congress to overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

Allen and Leno's legislation, SB 254, is the latest step in a multi-year legislative and legal battle.  In 2014, the legislature approved SB 1272 (Lieu), which placed an advisory measure on the November 2014 statewide ballot asking whether Congress should propose an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision.  The Court's ruling rolled back the previous ban on corporate spending in federal elections, opening …

Proposition 62

Proposition 66

Repeals death penalty

Keeps the death penalty in place

Replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole as the maximum punishment for murder

Changes death penalty procedures to speed up the appeals process by putting the Supreme Court in charge of initial petitions challenging death penalty convictions, establishing a time frame for death penalty review, and requiring appointed attorneys to work on death penalty cases

Retroactively applies to prisoners already on death row at the time that the measure would take effect

Stipulates that all effects would occur once Proposi…

As of August 16, 2016, the following PAC was registered to support Proposition 65. The same committee was also registered in opposition to Proposition 67, thus the campaign funds listed here are shared between the support campaign for Prop. 65 and the opposition campaign for Prop. 67. The total amount raised below was current as of the same date. The amount spent listed below was current as of June 2016.


Amount raised

Amount spent

American Progressive Bag Alliance, A Project Of The Society Of The Plastics Industry (Non-profit 501 (C) (6)), Yes On 65 And No On 67 

for more details http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Campaign/Committees/Detail.aspx?id=1372902&session=2015


Proposition 67 and Proposition 65 contain conflicting provisions regarding how revenue from the state-mandated sale of carryout bags would be distributed. Proposition 67 would allocate revenue from the sales to the stores themselves, permitting them to use the revenue in three ways:

(1) To cover costs associated with complying with Proposition 67.

(2) To cover the costs of providing the recycled paper or reusable bags.

(3) To provide educational materials encouraging the use of reusable bags.

Proposition 65 would allocate the revenue into a new state fund, the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Fund, which could be expended to support drought mitigation, clean drinking water supplies, recycling, litter removal, wildlife habitat restoration, beach cleanup, and state, …

Question                                                   Answer


Is the initiative an extension of Proposition 30?


Yes. This initiative temporarily extends the income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians created under Prop 30.

Revenues from the extension will increase funding for public schools and colleges, increase revenues in the Rainy Day Fund, while at the same time freeing up dollars in the general fund and, if certain criteria are met, increasing funding towards health ca…


Proposition 61 could fuel one of the most expensive ballot measure battles in California and even the nation in 2016. As of August 16, 2016, the opposition campaign, backed by several large pharmaceutical companies, received more than seven times the contributions provided to the support campaign.

Support:    $9,462,638.37

As of August 2016, all but one of the listed campaign contributions large enough to require reporting were donated by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The other campaign contribution was donated by the California Nurses Association PAC. The total contributions provided were current as of July 9, 20…

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.

New slate of PDC Officers were voted in with one no vote:

Gail Jack - President

ra Hochman - Vice President
Nancy Abbey - Treasurer
Paul Elerick - Recording Secretary
Brian Murtha -  Corresponding Secretary

Presentation of Proposals for PDC action 2016-17

Two on-going PDC Initiatives:
[For more information scroll down]

1.   Committee on State Ballot Measures: Nancy Abbey discussed the continuing work of  this committee to track State measures which will be on the 2016 ballot, report recommendations to PDC on those measures mostly worthy of PDC support, schedule tabling to educate voters on these measures.

2.   Affordable Housing Task Force:  Gail Jack outlined the continued participation of herself and Nancy on the…

Goal of project:  To design and implement a Rent Stabilization Program for the tenants in the City of Santa Cruz.

How would this PDC partnership be accomplished?

The PDC will establish a working group to include, but not be limited to, PDC members, to formulate a rent stabilization program.  Recruitment will reach out to other tenants' advocates to join the working group.

What Impact could be expected?
Some form of rent stabilization agreed on by diverse members of the Santa Cruz community and implemented by the City Council would establish a limit on the escalation of some rents.  It would help to alleviate the lack of affordable rental housing available to low and middle income families, affording more opportunities to current residents to continue to live in …

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