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Santa Cruz City Council Candidate Forum

   6:30 pm  Monday August 29
   Louden Nelson Community Center
      301 Center Street, Santa Cruz

School Board and Water Board Candidate Forum
   6:30 pm  Monday September 12

   Louden Nelson Community Center

      301 Center Street, Santa Cruz

Non-partisan forum, hosted by the PDC - Moderator, Nora Hochman
ACLU, Affordable Housing Now, 350.org, NAACP, Economic Justice Alliance, and the GLBT Alliance.   Questions will be submitted by sponsoring organizations with questions from the audience as time is available.

PDC members in good standing will cast their endorsement votes.

Nancy Abbey called meeting to order at 6:38 PM.   Members wandered in and signed to receive their ballots re: Measure D. 38 people in attendance.

Treasurer's Report Our current Balance is $7,685? with expenditures cited ~ Deposit from retreat will be returned  in the amount of $200.   Balance on 6/30 was $6,060; so this is quite a nice jump in resources.

Report from the Front Lines from Shawn Orgel-Olson ~ heartfelt reprise of the Bernie movement and his experience at the Democratic Convention ? lots of bullying and dismissive behavior according to him from those in charge? also the expenses were prohibitive?but he does not regret the experience?it was just difficult at times.

Thoughtful and difficult exchange about language and the importance of …

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.

New slate of PDC Officers were voted in with one no vote:

Gail Jack - President

ra Hochman - Vice President
Nancy Abbey - Treasurer
Paul Elerick - Recording Secretary
Brian Murtha -  Corresponding Secretary

Presentation of Proposals for PDC action 2016-17

Two on-going PDC Initiatives:
[For more information scroll down]

1.   Committee on State Ballot Measures: Nancy Abbey discussed the continuing work of  this committee to track State measures which will be on the 2016 ballot, report recommendations to PDC on those measures mostly worthy of PDC support, schedule tabling to educate voters on these measures.

2.   Affordable Housing Task Force:  Gail Jack outlined the continued participation of herself and Nancy on the…

Question                                                   Answer


Is the initiative an extension of Proposition 30?


Yes. This initiative temporarily extends the income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians created under Prop 30.

Revenues from the extension will increase funding for public schools and colleges, increase revenues in the Rainy Day Fund, while at the same time freeing up dollars in the general fund and, if certain criteria are met, increasing funding towards health ca…

Sacramento, CA - Senator Ben Allen (D - Santa Monica) and Senator Mark Leno (D - San Francisco) announced today their authorship of legislation to place an advisory measure on the November 2016 ballot urging the United States Congress to overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

Allen and Leno's legislation, SB 254, is the latest step in a multi-year legislative and legal battle.  In 2014, the legislature approved SB 1272 (Lieu), which placed an advisory measure on the November 2014 statewide ballot asking whether Congress should propose an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision.  The Court's ruling rolled back the previous ban on corporate spending in federal elections, opening …

By John Leopold

After years of conflict about which part of the transportation network would be built, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission has developed a measure to strengthen and expand our transportation network for everyone. The RTC has worked to develop a Transportation Improvement Plan (TRIP) to get Santa Cruz County moving. They have placed a measure on the ballot this November for the community to support this plan.

The TRIP looks at the critical elements of our transportation system and seeks to make major progress in all areas. The plan works to repair our local roads and improve safety for students by making its largest investment in our local road system.  Loss of the gas tax revenue has blown a multi-million dollar hole in our loc…

by Bill Malone

Why should voters agree to pay $100 million for something that even Caltrans own EIR study clearly says will not solve the problem it is intended to fix?

Recent traffic studies conclude that highway widening does not solve the problem of highway traffic congestion. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies indicate that traffic actually increases with highway widening. That is why the state of California will no longer fund highway widening. That is why Santa Cruz voters soundly defeated a highway widening proposal 12 years ago.

A wider highway means more cars on the highway, more carbon emissions, and the destruction of miles of trees and wetlands with no traffic congestion relief.

Widening the highway is the County's top priority. Construction of new auxil…

by Steve Pleich

Santa Cruz County voters will decide in November on a half-cent sales tax that would fund local transportation improvements. Recent approval by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors was the last step in a two-year process to place the measure on the ballot, the measure having been previously approved by the city councils of Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Capitola. If approved by two-thirds of voters, the half-cent sales tax would be effective in 2017 and expire in 30 years. However, it would increase sales taxes by only a quarter-cent over current levels because a previously approved quarter cent sales tax expires in December.

Titled the "Safety, Pothole Repair, Traffic Relief, Transit Improvement Measure," it is expected to raise $500 million. The funds w…

by  Rick Longinotti, chair

We support many of the projects and programs in the tax measure. But we can't agree to burden county residents with a 30­year, $100 million debt for a discredited strategy of widening Highway 1 for auxiliary lanes. Widening Highway 1 won't work to reduce congestion1, according to the Draft Environmental Impact Report published by Caltrans last year. A wider highway will result in more cars on the highway2. That means more cars on our roadways?and more emissions. The Caltrans report predicts continued "breakdown" of traffic flow on Highway 1 following expansion.3 This prediction is consistent with study after study that shows congestion relief following highway expansion is short­lived at best.4

Over the course of several months, CFST att…

by Don Lane

Per a tentative arrangement made last year, I'm planning a dinner with five friends.  As our dinner  approaches, we have an interesting dilemma.

  • Sam likes tofu, never eats dessert, and dislikes trendy food
  • Tony is vegetarian and has an aversion to meat.
  • Maria eats just about anything and doesn't eat much of any one thing.
  • Julia likes a balance but she insists on having some meat at dinner.
  • Chris has bad teeth and only eats softer foods.
  • I like to try trendy dishes. I generally avoid meat.
I'm hoping for a peaceful meal together but also heard a suggestion that we dine separately to avoid conflict over dietary preferences.  This second alternative seemed unsatisfactory in that we often are able to help support each other when we dine together.  Also…

AB 700 (Gomez, Levine), the California DISCLOSE Act, will dramatically improve disclosure on ballot measure ads and ads about candidates about who has paid for the ad. Knowing who the true source of funds for ads will prevent voters from being deceived about who is truly paying for it, help voters better evaluate the credibility and content of ads, and promote greater confidence in the electoral process.

Ads paid for by candidate committees and political parties do not have to comply with the new rules.

1. Requires Clear and Prominent Disclosure of Top Contributors to Political Ads

AB 700 requires that state and local ballot measure ads and independent expenditure ads about candidates to clearly and prominently list their top three true contributors of $50,000 or more (on…

Goal of project:  To design and implement a Rent Stabilization Program for the tenants in the City of Santa Cruz.

How would this PDC partnership be accomplished?

The PDC will establish a working group to include, but not be limited to, PDC members, to formulate a rent stabilization program.  Recruitment will reach out to other tenants' advocates to join the working group.

What Impact could be expected?
Some form of rent stabilization agreed on by diverse members of the Santa Cruz community and implemented by the City Council would establish a limit on the escalation of some rents.  It would help to alleviate the lack of affordable rental housing available to low and middle income families, affording more opportunities to current residents to continue to live in …

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