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Next meeting Thursday June 20

  1. Nominations

    1. The Nominating Committee recommended the following for June election of officers and committee chairs:

President (6 months) Nancy Abbey

Vice President: Ron Pomerantz

Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Tom Batley

Treasurer: Paul Johnston

Membership Committee chair: Paul Elerick

Publicity Chair: Peter Nichols

    1. The slate was accepted and will be voted on at the June 20 meeting. At that meeting, nominations from the floor will be recognized, and election will be by a majority of those present as stated in the by-laws.

    2. The role for the out-going president was discussed. Brian indicated his willingness to write a monthly newsletter to continue his tradition of updates to members these past years. He will also remain a member of the executive committee for continuity and sharing his experience.

  1. Treasurer's report

    1. The treasurer reported that we have $652 in the bank account.

    2. In the past month we have received $162 through the website donations and renewals of membership.

    3. The money is currently being funneled through Organizing for Santa Cruz until we complete our registration as a PAC which we will complete this month.

  2. Immigration report

    1. Paul Johnston reported that the Immigration Bill is expected to get through the Senate next week. People are mobilizing around the country in preparation for a big battle to get the bill through the House.

    2. There will be a major event at Hartnell June 2. Immigration Action Committee will decide next week what to do locally.

    3. The Trust Act, which would limit the state's participation in Secure Communities, is pending in the Assembly. Brown has asked for a meeting with the bill's authors to discuss amendments that would have to be made to secure his signature.

    4. Ron Pomerantz reported that the ACLU will have Christina Mansfield as speaker at their meeting 7pm, Monday the 20th at Louden Nelson Center. Her topic will be the immigration detention centers in California.

Christina Mansfield is one of the co-founders of CIVIC (Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement). She will talk about the oppressive system of immigration detention in the US, with the goal of educating us about this shocking situation as well as helping us to think about steps we can take to lessen the isolation and ideas how to assist those who are detained.  Christina's talk will be a very informative.  She will present ways to become involved.

    1. Kathy Goldenkrantz reported on COPA's meeting with Sheriff Wowak about the detention for ICE. The meeting was positive and COPA will be monitoring how the Sheriff's actions matches statements of intention he made at their meeting.

    2. Brian suggested that PDC pick up on the Democratic Dialogue about immigration that was cancelled. It was decided that those members involved with immigration groups (Kathy Goldenkrantz, Ron Ponerantz, Paul Johnston, and Sandra Nichols talk with their respective connections and offer our help and support if they decide to replace the Dem. Dialogue.

  1. PDC Website: Paul Johnston demonstrated the capability Tony Fleig has built into our website and how intuitive it is. All members are encouraged to register on the PDC website www.pdclub.org to update their contact information, renew their membership, and receive updates on PDC activities and meetings.

  2. Campaign Finance Reform Forum

    1. Nancy Abbey, Pete Gonzalez, Paul Johnston and Gail Williamson will have a table for PDC at the forum on May 23

    2. We will request that Brian be given a few minutes at the beginning of the forum to welcome everyone as representative of the sponsoring organization.

  3. Gay Pride Parade: It was decided we should participate in the Gay Pride Parade, but we'll need to provide parade monitors as part of the protocol for participating organizations. An email will be sent out asking people to volunteer to do that.

  4. Special event on May 25th: a public discussion with Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, regarding marriage equality and the upcoming Supreme Court decisions on California's Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. This highly anticipated discussion will take place at 2 pm on Saturday, May 25th, at First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz (900 High Street). Please contact 831-425-5422, x 101, or spapo@diversitycenter.org for more information.

Nancy Abbey2017-04-06T20:17:29Z
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