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Next meeting, November 21

  1. The treasurer's report showed a balance of $380.52 in the checking account. Two fundraising efforts are underway:  an event in November at Paul Elerick's house, and a drive by the membership committee to raise dues from lapsed members.

  2. The Move to Amend campaign in Santa Cruz County was endorsed by unanimous consensus.  For more information about Move to amend and the local campaign: https://movetoamend.org/ca-santa-cruz.

  3. Gail Jack reported that the Crosson North County Democratic Club's second meeting was attended by approximately 30 people.  Amanda Robinson was elected president and Coco Ranier-Walte, vice president.  Offices of secretary and treasurer are still open.  The club will meet the first Tuesday of the month at Bruno's in Scotts Valley.

  4. Brian Murtha reported that we're still looking for progressive candidates to run for June elections to city councils, the Board of Supervisors, and school districts.  Cynthia Chase, director of Gemma who is supported by several members of PDC as a progressive candidate, is expected to announce soon for the Santa Cruz City Council.   Discussion about the need for a progressive woman on the Board of Supervisors produced several names as potential candidates for Brian and our election committee to explore.

  5.  A committee from the Progressive Network developed a "pledge" to recruit people who will support progressive candidates in the June elections. This list will used to organize grassroots campaigns for progressive candidates endorsed. 

The Pledge:  We need more progressive candidates for the board of supervisors, city councils and school board races in 2014.  So today I pledge to encourage and support candidates able to move us toward more environmental responsibility and a greater emphasis on social and economic justice

All members are encouraged to sign the pledge on-line at www.pdclub.org.

6.      Tom Batley explained that the PDC is working with the Live Oak Resource Center and the Day Workers Center to assist people in the Live Oak area to enroll in Covered California.

7.      The members present voted unanimously for Ron Pomerantz as PDC's delegate on the Democratic Central Committee and Glen Schaller as alternate.  It was also decided to have the dues [$60 per delegate and $40 per alternate] paid out of the treasury.

8.      It was decided to set  Wednesdays from 3-5 pm as the time PDC will walk the picket line with Stationary Engineers Local 39 now on strike at Dominican.

To join us on the picket line: email Nora Hochman at nolden98@comcast.org

For information about the strike see story below: Stationary Engineers/Biomedical Engineers Union Local 39 on strike against Dominican
9.      Nancy Abbey announced that WILPF will be organizing a committee to develop a strategy to lobby Sam Farr, Anna Eshoo, Barbara Boxer and other California Congressional representatives to vote against fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

To represent PDC on this strategizing committee, contact Nancy: nabbey@cruzio.com.

For more information about TPP:  see Stop the Fast Track

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.

Nancy Abbey2017-04-06T20:02:17Z
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