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Sisters and Brothers, Friends: 

Last night the members of Local 39 ratified a deal with Dignity Corporation that will soon have them back to work serving patients and other hospital staff.  The deal includes the complete defense of the guaranteed 40 hour workweek, an issue totally central to the workers bargaining struggle and one that is important to our community at large.  We believe there are other wage issues involved in the settlement but do not have those details now. 

Thank you all for being on the picket line.  For those of you who came to the line at a moment's notice last night, a special thank you for responding to my call and that of the union.

Regardless of the lack of press coverage about this important strike (two and a half months!!!) we can all be really proud of what we did to support these courageous workers who held out for so long against some pretty long odds.  

Proud to know you.

Solidarity Forever.

Nora Hochman

Nancy Abbey2015-07-01T16:53:34Z
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