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Edit  DeleteExpires Sep 16, 2015

Goal:  To have candidates and elected officials learn about the Climate Mobilization movement and commit to make it part of their platform in the 2016 election.

Description of Project:  First a presentation will be made to the PDC retreat by Pauline Seales of 350, detailing the Climate Mobilization movement. This movement demands a WWII level mobilization to fight climate change and save civilization. Local elected officials and future candidates will be approached through meetings with staff. City, county, state and national officials will be included.

After the officials/candidates have a few weeks to consider the details, we will set up a media covered "Pledge Event" where candidates can publically take the pledge to engage in climate action on a World War 2 mobilization scale. This will preferably occur in the week of Sept 28th - Oct 2nd.

Rationale/Impact:  The climate situation is dire. Even though California and Santa Cruz already have Climate Action Plans, many other areas have not yet started to address the problem. A nation-wide World War 2 scale effort could prevent catastrophic climate change and help save the world and it's people and creatures. Santa Cruz has been a leader in banning Fracking and on other important environmental issues. Local voters are generally informed about climate issues and will embrace candidates who plan to take additional decisive action to reduce the damage. A well-publicized climate pledge now, could have benefits locally and world wide.

Work entailed: 

1.    Participate in planning the signing event.

2.    Publicize it

3.    Join 350 SC in educating candidates and staff prior to the event

4.    Work with 350 SC to conduct the event..

Feasibility:  While quite a few hours will be needed to plan and contact candidates/officials this will be shared by 350 and PDC.

Budget: None required. Cost of any hand outs will be born by the 350 presenter as well as banners etc. for the signing event.

Chair:  Pauline Seales 350, helped by Nancy Abbey PDC

Benefit to PDC:  Following the Pope's encyclical, and with the Paris climate talks coming later in 2015 the climate movement generally is rapidly gaining momentum. This is a great time to "Ride the Wave" and gain credibility with a great number of concerned voters.

Follow-up:  During the 2015/16 election season work with local candidates and challenge/ask them to sign at candidate forums. (While we'd like to get some signatures by the Oct 1st event we will continue to work with other environmentally aware candidates aiming to enroll them before elections).

Timeline  After Aug 15th retreat work to plan signing event approx. Oct 1st


1. http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/   basic web site

2.https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cMvqc5SWjq_zVbKpocY63jFDLEOr_DITVmzRfcjMzxY/edit#slide=id.g90adc97be_4_0   presentation

3. http://www.350santacruz.org/   350 Santa Cruz website

Nancy Abbey2015-08-17T19:52:02Z
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