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Proposition 62

Proposition 66

Repeals death penalty

Keeps the death penalty in place

Replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole as the maximum punishment for murder

Changes death penalty procedures to speed up the appeals process by putting the Supreme Court in charge of initial petitions challenging death penalty convictions, establishing a time frame for death penalty review, and requiring appointed attorneys to work on death penalty cases

Retroactively applies to prisoners already on death row at the time that the measure would take effect

Stipulates that all effects would occur once Proposition 66 is enacted, and authorizes death row inmate transfers among California prisons.

Would require prisoners sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole to work and pay restitution to victims' families. The portion of wages to be provided as restitution would be increased to 60 percent.

Would require prisoners on death row to work while in prison and pay restitution to victims' families. The portion of wages to be provided as restitution would be increased.

Stipulates that any provision found to be invalid will not affect the other provisions of the measure

Stipulates that other death penalty measures approved would be void in the event that more affirmative votes are given for Proposition 66

Nancy Abbey2016-09-19T20:08:06Z
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