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A society scarred by runaway inequality will divide in to two very unequal sectors.

For the super-rich, the world of for-hire private services will cater to their every need. They live on patrolled estates, commute by helicopter, travel by private jet, educate their children in elite private schools, receive high quality private health care, and be treated differentially by politicians as well as the criminal justice system. They are hermetically sealed from homelessness and crime. Student debt is a non-issue except as a financial market to exploit. Poverty and fair taxes are far, far away from their day to day realities.

When your are the richest of the rich, America looks damn good. Your employees and servants fawn over your. Politicians and the media flock to be in your presence. You have the keys to the economic castle. You are the economic castle. You are the creator of wealth, the maker of jobs, the winner of the toughest competition on Earth. You feel you are only getting what you richly deserve.

Meanwhile the rest of us need and rely on our public spaces, our public services, and our public facilities. We use the schools and the roads. We need a vibrant public sector, but that too is slipping away. In fact, the more inequality rises, the more difficult it becomes to support a public sector, as the super rich and wealthy corporations do all they can to avoid paying their fair share.

We can see this most clearly by the decline of public sector employment. This job loss makes the delivery of every public service more difficult. It means longer lines, larger class size and fewer infrastructure repairs. This is especially pronounced since the Wall Street-created crash.

Nancy Abbey2018-03-04T19:38:30Z
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