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PDC Annual Retreat - Minutes

Brian called the meeting to order

Stacey Falls spoke about the Land Trust being formed for Santa Cruz County

I think they're calling themselves "Coast Commons Land Trust of S.C. County"

Franco informed members of Wednesday's (9/25) DCC meeting to vote on resolution supporting the downtown garage.  Our opposition to this project should be voiced.  Show up at 7 pm.  No library/garage project can be supported if it does not include affordable (low and very low income) housing.

Meeting then focused on the political activity over the next 13 months that we may need to actively support:

2020 Presidential campaign: PDC will not take a position and decide how we can assist until a Democratic presidential candidate is chosen.

House and Senate races in purple states?  Some discussion around what actions we may want to take.

Randa suggested that members can join on with "Tony the Democrat" to write postcards in important identified out-of-state races.  Randa offered to head this effort and will have a writing session after our next PDC general meeting (Oct.10) for anyone who like to participate.

She also can connect members to a "chain letter" action.  A letter is written to one person in a district urging their support for democrat and encouraging them to vote and to forward this message on to 2 more people in their district.

John Laird's campaign

Adam Scow's campaign running against Jimmy Panetta in 2020 for House seat.  Scow will be speaking at our next PDC meeting (Oct. 10)

Santa Cruz City Recall Campaign and 2020 elections:  Paid signature gatherers are going door-to-door, expensive flyer has been mailed to all City voters.  Signatures will be verified by October 22.  If enough signatures are verified, the recall vote will be part of our March 2020 ballot.  

At Tuesday night's 7:00 Council meeting, a motion to censure Glover and Krohn is scheduled to come up for a vote.  Sandy Brown and Chris Krohn (both attending our retreat) stated that they are bring forward a "motion to table" this censure and they have asked for our support at that meeting.  Come if you can.

2020 Council Election: Cynthia Matthew's seat will be vacated, and Martine Watkins, Chris Krohn (if not recalled), and Sandy Brown will be up for re-election.

Brief discussion re: affordable housing.  Progressive Council members are trying to break the hold that City Manager and Planning Dept. have with approving any building projects that come before the Council.  Sandy is on the "Revenue Enhancement Subcommittee" working on a Real Estate Transfer Tax and/or Vacancy Tax where proceeds would go into an affordable housing fund.  Also hoping to receive $16 million from State in redevelopment funds that will also be set aside for affordable housing.

Meeting adjourned for potluck.

Submitted by Gail Jack 9/22/19

Sandra Nichols2019-09-27T11:44:51Z
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