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June 11, 2020

Attending: Brian, Sandra, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Randa, Anne, Jan, Judy, Pauline, Marcia, Brian, Lee, Ed, Brett, Andy (apologies if I missed anyone)

  Discussion re John Leopold's 2020 election campaign for District 1 County Supervisor.  Members approved PDC endorsement and writing a letter of support to the Sentinel (Brian will write) by a majority.

Unfinished business:  Gail will contact Leopold's campaign manager to find out what PDC members can do to help his campaign.

  Presentation by Pauline Seales, the Santa Cruz Action Network, on their Zero Carbon 2030 campaign for the City and County of Santa Cruz.  Guidelines on what actions they can take now.  Pauline shared slides of the information on their website.  Sandra made a motion for PDC to endorse Zero Carbon, Ed seconded.  Passed.  PDC members are also encouraged to go online at scruzclimate.org and endorse the campaign as an individual.

  Discussion re Surveillance Technology Ordinance written by members of the ACLU and presented for approval by Mayor Justin Cummings to the S.C. City Council.  The ordinance was endorsed by the Executive Committee at their last meeting.  This presentation by Lee Brokaw, ACLU member, brought for membership endorsement.  It is the same ordinance already in effect in Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, and San Francisco which bans facial recognition and predictive policing technology.  (see Oaklandprivacy.org)  Lee sees the Santa Cruz City major, Justin Cummings, as the pivotal vote and is still working with him to assure that Justin votes to pass this measure.  Motion approved for PDC's endorsement of this ordinance.

  Discussion re recruiting new progressive candidates for the November election of S.C. City Council.  The Santa Cruz Progressive Alliance has been working on this and will be reviewing 6 possible candidates tomorrow (Friday) in an attempt to narrow these "possibles" down to 4 viable candidates for this important race. 


   Unfinished business: Brian will compose a draft letter to the Santa Cruz City Council requesting that all City governmental documents relating to residents, e.g. correspondence, agendas, minutes, attachments, be printed in Spanish as well as English.

Next PDC membership zoom meeting:  Thursday, July 9 at 6:30 pm

Submitted by Gail Jack, 6/12/2020


Sandra Nichols2020-06-16T17:48:14Z
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