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PDC General Membership (Zoom) Meeting

December 10, 2020

A request from John French was considered by the membership.  John brought a request to the PDC to sign a petition to support the organizations working to get out the vote in the Georgia double U. S. Senate runoff.  After discussion, it was decided not to sign because we did not have the time to inform membership about an endorsement vote in time before the Jan. 5 election.  Sandra will, however, distribute the petition to all members so that individuals could support it.

John Laird, brand new State Senator representing our region, and long-time member of PDC including past-President, spoke on the following:

Conditions in Capitol for office holders and staff, e.g. John will at this time be in an office at the Capitol.

Reported on status of Covid-19 in the State, how it is adversely affecting small businesses and workers.

The Governor has asked the Legislature to put together a bill to stop Fracking.  This will be done in January/February 2021.  John wants Newsom to declare that he will support such a bill.  (Note:  John reported that the Newsom administration issuance of fracking permits right after taking office was for permits that had been through a multi-year application process and had been approved by all appropriate government agencies before Newsom took office.) 

Other bills on the horizon re:  policing, public banking, and adding "housing status" to other discriminatory clauses in our laws.

John took questions from the attending members.  Answered them, too!

Lee spoke about a new lawsuit in the county against Harm Reduction, a nonprofit needle exchange program.

Discussions about:

The employees of Bookshop Santa Cruz  have joined the Communication Workers of America Union, Local 9423.  The PDC members attending voiced approval.  

A very large Kaiser Clinic is planned on Soquel Avenue and Chanticleer,  near the County Sheriff's building in Live Oak.  No bus route exists there.

Nora asked that the PDC support AB15( extends existing law on tenant protections to Dec. 2021) and AB16 (Tenant, Small Landlord, & Affordable Housing Provider Stabilization Act of 2021) which will distribute financial support to those named parties affected by the Coronavirus.  Brian and Nora will produce a letter of support from the PDC to State Assembly Person Chiu, sponsor of the bill.

Manu Koenig, replacing John Leopold on the Board of Supes, has already said he would like to see a new Jail for Santa Cruz.  Not our kind of guy.

Nora pointed out that now there is NO progressive on the Board of Supes, and only ONE on the SC City Council, and that therefore we need to do some serious work to correct that in upcoming elections.

Lee covered the ACLU activities of the moment:  a Seminar on 12/17 about alternative responses to 911 calls; aid for vehicle residents who get many parking tickets; and SC City police surveillance rules.

Brian Heath noted that we need more female police officers and deputies.

Agenda Items for January:

1.  Recruiting a team to put on a Priority Setting gathering for our February meeting.

2.  Changing the "dues year" start from July 1 to January 1.  

(Agenda items added by the Executive Committee on 12/14/20:

a.  PDC rep to Democratic Central Committee - needs to be able to have items agendized after our meetings, which are on the 2nd Thursday of the month, and the DCC meets on the 3rd Wednesday, and the DCC has an agenda rule that items must be submitted 7 days before their meetings.  

b.  the PDC rep to the DCC needs to be on the PDC permanent agenda list for reporting to us each month about what happens with the DCC, and to receive suggestions from us to our Rep for things to take back to the DCC.

3.  The PDC will authorize three members to represent the PDC to a newly formed group including SC4B and the local Democratic Socialists) effort to review upcoming elections.

Sandra Nichols2020-12-17T20:53:47Z
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