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November 15, 2017

Number attending  30

1.       Conversation with Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills

  • Chief Mills said that he believes in policing from the community prospective; wants to work with the community to solve our problems.
  • He is working with homeless advocates to find a day shelter where the homeless can store their belongings and receive medical and social services.
  • He does not intend to co-operate with ICE or have any one from the Feds embedded in the police department. 
  • The Police Department is instituting U-Visas, which protect crime victims who come forward to testify about a crime from deportation.  [www.pdclub.org/blog:pdclub/article/id/3910031]
  • Chief Mills stated that the Department will use Bearcat only for protection of …


Present:  Sandra Nichols, Shawn Orgel-Olson, Nancy Krusoe, Gail Jack, Kendon Smith, Nancy Abbey


  1. November Meeting:  It was confirmed that Santa Cruz City Police Chief Andy Mills would be the lead speaker at the November General meeting from 6:40-7:10.  The half hour will include his presentation and Q&A.  Shawn will act as a time-keeper to limit audience questions to the timeframe.  A  representative from Working America will speak from 7:10-7:40 giving us a demonstration of their canvassing strategy.  Final details of the agenda will be developed by email as usual.
  2. Franco Picarella was appointed to replace Erik Eriksen as the PDC representative to …


At prior retreats we have focused on PDC initiated campaigns; i.e., initiating affordable housing action, organizing PDC sponsored candidate forums and electing progressive candidates to municipal and county offices in 2014 and 2016, developing a local finance reform campaign, developing a community activist calendar, establishing and growing a progressive activist network, and others.

This year, at our July retreat, we chose instead to learn about campaigns already in progress that we can support and collaborate with.  The four groups reporting were:

  • WILPF:  campaign for a public bank (state or local).
  • SC4B:  campaign for affordable housing as a prime issue for the local races in 2018.
  • Santa Cruz Tenants Association: an education and advocacy c…


In a Nutshell:


1)      We endorsed - by landslide votes - both Ranked Choice Voting for Santa Cruz*  and the Movement for Housing Justice** [rent control and just cause eviction]

2)      Rene Bloch described the Swing Left campaign to flip the House.

3)      Announcements:

  • GLBT/PDC sponsored event, Breaking the Binary - a conversation about inclusive language: www.pdclub.org
  • Affordable Housing Week events: www.santacruzcommunitycalendar.org
  • House People, Not Cars - Campaign for Sensible Transportation event at Rosie McCann's: www.santacruzcommunitycalendar.org
  • Sandra Nichols urged members to turn out and speak up for gun control with the Santa Cruz County School Board
  • Nancy Abbey asked for signatures on a  …


Attending - 26 people

Bank balance -$6857

  • Reports- Nancy Abbey encouraged members to use the Community Calendar (www.santacruzcommunitycalendar.org) to track local events, and described the development of the Santa Cruz Activist Directory which would be a catalogue of progressive organizations.
  • Gail Jack discussed the latest developments on Affordable Housing with state and local  issues. She encouraged members to attend the S.C. City Council meeting on Tuesday the 26th to support controls on short term vacation rentals (stvr's).
  • Nora Hochman spoke of a Rent Stabilization ballot measure proposed for Santa Cruz City in the November 2018 election.  A committee is exploring the feasibility of …

Meeting commenced 6:40pm Tuesday April 4, 2017 at the home of Gail Jack Santa Cruz CA.

In attendance-  Gail Jack - President, Nancy Abbey - Treasurer, Patty Threet - Secretary, Judy Geer - Membership Chair, Brian Murtha - Corresponding Secretary,Ron Pomerantz - Nominating Committee

Absent - Nora Hochman, Tom Batley, Glenn Schaller, Erik Eriksen - DCC Representative


  1. Report from nominating committee - Discussion only - Update from committee on contacts made, position needs.
  2.  Fundraising event - Discussion only - Timeline, early June event.
  3.  Rent to DCC for Galleria space - Discussion only - Tabled
  4. New by-laws - No discussion.
  5. Endorsement of Kimberly Ellis - Take to April General Meeting  for membership endorsement
  6.  PDC support for SB562 (Healthy California …

Meeting called to order by President Gail Jack 9:44am Saturday March 4, 2017

SEIU Hall 517 Mission Street # B Santa Cruz, CA 95060

 Signed in attendance- (* denotes left prior to calculation of Focus goals)

Glen Schaller                                   Judy Geer                              Tom Batley
Gail Jack                                     …

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.

New slate of PDC Officers were voted in with one no vote:

Gail Jack - President

ra Hochman - Vice President
Nancy Abbey - Treasurer
Paul Elerick - Recording Secretary
Brian Murtha -  Corresponding Secretary

Presentation of Proposals for PDC action 2016-17

Two on-going PDC Initiatives:
[For more information scroll down]

1.   Committee on State Ballot Measures: Nancy Abbey discussed the continuing work of  this committee to track State measures which will be on the 2016 ballot, report recommendations to PDC on those measures mostly worthy of PDC support, schedule tabling to educate voters on these measures.

2.   Affordable Housing Task Force:  Gail Jack outlined the continued participation of herself and Nancy on the…

June 19, 2014 -  31 Members Present

        Treasurer Report:  The Tim Gonchoroff campaign closed down and donated $1200.00 to us.  Our treasury is healthy at this time. Balance $3,772.74

      ACTION:  The incoming Corresponding Secretary, Joyce Malone, will send a thank you to Tim.

Committee  Reports

1.  SC City School District:  Presentation by member Casey Carlson about the GSCFT union running new candidates for the Board of Trustees - Jeremy Schonick, Alisun Thompson, Steve Trujillo. The Union said they had been betrayed by the incumbents Ken Wagman, Cynthia Hawthorne and Deb Tracy Proulx.  Union said Prop 30 money had not been properly distributed, even though the incumbents promised a …


Meeting called to order by Gail Jack at 6:33 pm. 23 members present. Moment of silence for Wolfgang Rosenberg

Good News shared:
  • S.C. City Council Election new members:  Chris Krohn and Sandy Brown
  • S.V. City Council Election new member: Jack Dilles
  •  Central Fire District: all labor union candidates elected
  • AZ:  Sheriff Arpaio is out
  • Measure Z (banning fracking) passed in Monterey Co.
  • Jim Hensen lawsuit affirmed in court

Introductions by members and expression of feelings re Election 2016 with "What now" suggestions.

  • Brian Murtha: Congressional candidates for 2018, identify Republicans who are  vulnerable.
  • David Sweet: Get behind Keith Ellison as new Democratic chair
  • Nancy Abbey:  adding to David's suggestion: progressives need to take a greater interest in the loca…

Attending:  Brian, Nora, Nancy, Paul E., Gail

By-laws change which was approved at the last PDC membership meeting was discussed.  Agreement that this was finally accomplished and that voting procedures have been simplified. Nancy will incorporate changes and reprint full By-Laws for each of the members of the Exec. Comm.

 Up-coming "Safety" Forum discussed and review of plans to meet at 6:30 in the parking lot of Holy Cross Church on Thursday, October 22.  Gail will contact Denise E. and Paul J. to make sure they are drafting a flyer to hand out.

 We reviewed the content of the letter that Brian is writing to be sent to the City Councils and Board of Supes re shelter for the homeless.  He will incorporate the proposal and amendments passe…

PDC Meeting  6:30pm Thursday

Dem Headquarters - The Galleria - ground floor

You'll not want to miss this meeting - join us to discuss:

§  our response to the Beach Flats garden issue.

§  PDC support for measures O & P.

§  latest news from Affordable Housing NOW.

§  by-law changes regarding endorsement of ballot measures.

§  and more.

If you have an item to add to the agenda, contact Gail Jack   gailsharon4.5@gmail.com

Next meeting Thursday June 20

  1. Nominations

    1. The Nominating Committee recommended the following for June election of officers and committee chairs:

President (6 months) Nancy Abbey

Vice President: Ron Pomerantz

Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Tom Batley

Treasurer: Paul Johnston

Membership Committee chair: Paul Elerick

Publicity Chair: Peter Nichols

    1. The slate was accepted and will be voted on at the June 20 meeting. At that meeting, nominations from the floor will be recognized, and election will be by a majority of those present as stated in the by-laws.

    2. The role for the out-going president was discussed. Brian indicated his willingness to write a monthly newsletter to continue his tradition of updates to members these past years. He will also remain a member…


  Peoples Democratic Club Minutes

   Thursday 10-20-16

Meeting opened at 6:34 by President Gail Jack

First speaker: Mark Weller on Pesticide Dangers in relation to proximity to schools. He explained that efforts to stop the  threat posed by spraying fields that are close to children in school has been stonewalled by Big Ag with the help of policies that are not in the best interests of those in harms way. . . even though it is a  fact that children breathe IN twice the amount of air as adults. And as we know?these issues go all the way back to Rachel Carson and the UFW who worked so hard to ban DDT.

Current buffer zones for the spraying ( 500' in Monterey County and 200' in Santa Cruz) are still inadequate due to the "drift" of …


Gail Jack called meeting to order at 6:38pm.  14 members in attendance were too few for quorum and vote on candidates   Plans to complete endorsement matters on line will be forthcoming.

Treasury Report: $7900

Housing Issues: David Foster will speak at next PDC meeting (October 20) re Habitat's proposed program to assist seniors to build "granny" units so they can "age in place. " David Foster is now Director for both Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. 

Nancy passed out a tentative calendar for Affordable Housing Week events commencing Thursday October 13 at the Museum of Art and History.  The final schedule will be available on the PDC website by September 25 www.pdclub.org and on the new Santa Cruz Community Calendar at http://santacruzcommunity…

Nancy Abbey called meeting to order at 6:38 PM.   Members wandered in and signed to receive their ballots re: Measure D. 38 people in attendance.

Treasurer's Report Our current Balance is $7,685, with expenditures cited ~ Deposit from retreat will be returned  in the amount of $200.   Balance on 6/30 was $6,060; so this is quite a nice jump in resources.

Report from the Front Lines from Shawn Orgel-Olson ~ heartfelt reprise of the Bernie movement and his experience at the Democratic Convention - lots of bullying and dismissive behavior according to him from those in charge.  Also the expenses were prohibitive,but he does not regret the experience.  It was just difficult at times.

Thoughtful and difficult exchange about language and the i…



The meeting was called to order by our chair, Gail Jack, at 6:30 pm.

Our gathering commenced with a special observance presented by Stella Moreno, acting chair of the board of the Diversity Center Santa Cruz County, regarding the tragedy the previous Sunday morning in Orlando.  Ms Moreno spoke eloquently, visibly moving the attendees with her oration, including declaring that she doesn't have time for "a moment of silence", not in the face of the wave of hate against the LGBTQ community.  She described the broad spectrum of gay and straight folk in the Pulse…

1)   Introductions:  Ken Smith, Patty Threet, Ron Pomerantz, Sandy Brown, Gail Jack, Nancy Abbey, Judy Geer, Chris Krohn, Rachel O'Malley, Tom Batley, Jim Logsdon, Tom Donohue, Nora Hochman, Gary Patton, Dru Glover, David Foster, George Knoll, Linda Kerner, Pauline Seales, Paul Elerick, Pat Dwyer, Coco Walter, Tom Burns, Steve Pleich, Dean Lundholm, Patrick Dwire, Jodi Nunes, Ken Smith, Matt Bruner, Wendy Macias, George Newell, Daryl Dichek, Peter and Sandra Nichols, Josh Brahinsky, Rick Longinotti, Bruce Larson, Jeff Ringold, Paul Johnston, Micah Posner.

2)   Nominating Committee: Nora Hochman explained that officers are nominated every year in May and voted on at the June meeting to serve from July 1 to June 30.  She reported the slate of officers p…

Attending: Jim Weller, Lynda Francis, Joyce Malone, Bill Malone, Brian Murtha, Franco Picarella, Andrea Miller, Jim Logsdon, Joy Hinz, Cappy Israel, Nancy Abbey, Nora Hochman, Bruce Van Allen, John Leopold, Judy Geer, Reed Searle, Phillip Posner, Peter Nichols, Ed Porter, Sandra Nichols, Robert Morgan, Jeffrey Ringold, Tim Fitzmaurice, Nora Hochman, Gail Jack, Nancy Abbey, Brian Murtha, Casey Carlson, Catherine O'Kelly, Bruce Van Allen, John Leopold

Business Meeting:

1)      WELCOME: Moment of Silence for Louis La Fortune who passed away and Introductions

2)      Report on Treasury: report on donations of $800 brought in and $275 spent on sponsorship of DCC fundraiser 3/12.

3)      Gail : Affordable Housing Now report; …

Attending: Nancy Abbey, Gail Jack, Randa Solick, Ron Pomerantz, Patty Threet, Cappy Israel, Steve Pleich, Nora Hochman, Paul Elerick, Gail Williamson, Franco Picarella, Dru Glover, Dennis Etler, Denise Elerick, Nancy Krusoe


1.   Sheriff Jim Hart, with Chief Deputy, Craig Wilson came to present and answer questions about their 21st Century Policing Model. Jim reported that in the first year of his being in the position of sheriff,  there were immediate needs to be met, like funding positions. (Hiring isnow  more diverse and more reflective of the community.) Jim was successful in establishing a Recovery Center with Federal funding. Janus runs the Recovery Center which includes medical care and referrals for treatment. Jim wanted to expand communication with the…

Attending: Nancy Abbey, Glen Schaller, Paul Johnston, Nora Hochman, Brian Murtha, Joy Hinz, Phil Posner, Gail Jack, Patty Threet, Ron Pomerantz, Paul Elerick, Tom Batley, Cynthia Matthews, Vanessa Sadsad, Pete Shanks

 Treasurer's Report: We paid for a new banner (union made), and paid rent for Galleria. Rent is $ 25.00 per month for use of Galleria space. We had $ 3,506.68 balance as of January 21, 2016.

Committee on Initiatives:  three initiatives were  proposed for endorsement:  (a) Casey reported on the renewal of Prop. 30 which benefits Higher Ed and K12 Education,  (b) Nancy reported on Campaign Finance Measure, requires disclosure of campaign donations over $10,000.;   (c)  Glen Schaller reported on Minimum Wage Increase Measure, sponsored b…

            Meeting Minutes


1.    PDC Priorities: The executive board is doing a midyear check in on our goals and priorities. Gail Jack updated us on each priority for action that was set at the Summer Retreat.

           a.  Nancy Abbey is working on gathering information about initiatives.

  b.  Nancy and Gail Jack are working on affordable housing; there was a victory on curtailing the use of  granny   units for short term rentals within the City of Santa Cruz.  Gail reported that Cynthia    Chase, Cynthia  Matthews, Don Lane and Micah Posner supported this new law.  


Meeting started at 6:35 pm.  16 members present.

1)  Public Safety Forum, Tuesday, Oct 20.  Denise Elerick presented information about the upcoming "public safety" forum, the basic premise being that we are unsafe because of the passage of B47.  Denise asked for people to come to the event and show their presence for the other side. It was decided to develop a flyer and peacefully distribute them prior to the meeting. Paul J. volunteered to spearhead writing something up for the flyer.  Several volunteers will go to the venue with Paul & Denise. 

2)  Nancy Abbey presented the final proposal for bylaws changes related to PDC endorsements of candidates and ballot measure: 

A 60% or more endorse vote will be now be needed, and …

        1)   Treasurer's Report: Gail Jack

a)      Mathilde Rand unable to attend tonight. We have about $2500 in our account right now.   We will depend on October fundraiser to generate more dollars. Nancy Abbey reminded us that some past members need to renew their dues.

2)     Affordable Housing Now Update: Gail Jack

a)   Gail passed out flyers that summarize the activities of the coalition, and state the goals and purposes of the coalition. The group is lobbying city council and supervisors.There is interest in curtailing AirBnB and ADU usage for rentals.  AFN has put on 2 forums.  

b)      Glen Schaller reported on a CO…


           Meeting convened 6:35: Gail Jack, President 

              22 members attended

1)    Introductions

2)    Guest, Bruce Holloway: presented a proposal to allow tenants to vote on the SLVWD rate increases: Bruce reported that due to water conservation; rates are going up in water districts. At this time, there is no voting on rate increases, only protests allowed. 50% of users must submit a protest in order to stop it.  Bruce believes that tenants should be able to participate in the process of voting on any new rate increases.  In the past, when tenants tried to speak, they were told…

Another SRO meeting - 28 people attending.


1.      Treasurer's report: $4200 in checking account after expected expenses from the 8/18 Candidates Forum

2.      Review of the priorities set at the July Retreat: (First priority for next here months is getting our three City Council candidates elected.)

·         Water Issues: Randa Solick and Mathilde Rand will act as liaisons with Desal Alternatives and Earth Democracy (WILPF).

·         Campaign Finance Reform:  the PDC support Micah Posner's proposal for public financing of city council races, support the Disclose Act and movements to reverse Citizens United. Point Person Nancy Abbey

·  &n…

Jeff Ajlouny, business representative from the Stationary Engineers Union Local #39 reported that Dignity Health still refuses to meet with them.  The union has proposed arbitration to settle the strike, but Dignity Health has not agreed.  So the strike goes on. [See other articles below for more information on the strike.[


1.       Support for Local 39

·         We will continue to walk with the strikers every Weds between 3-5pm.  Please join us for even part of that time or at another time more convenient to you.  Our support is very appreciated by the men who've been out there since October 1.

·         We learned that the California Democratic …

Thirty PDC members attended the retreat on Sunday July 21.  Lots of food, conversation, camaraderie,  thoughtful discussion, and some very hard work.

After a very intense 3 hour process analyzing our weaknesses, identifying criteria for prioritizing our work, and considering a dozen proposals for action, the participants set the following priorities for the PDC agenda in the coming year.

Please consider  where you will commit your time and energy as a PDC member.

Committees were formed around four top priorities and co-chairs recruited.  The committees will develop plans for the action, organize participation in the action, and monitor the progress and outcomes.  Committee chairs will actively seek to expand their committee from among PDC members and commun…

PDC has a new president!

              Gail Jack was elected president last night with Nora Hochman as vice president, Mathilde Rand treasurer, Casey Carlton recording secretary, Brian Murtha corresponding secretary. Paul Elerick will continue as membership chair and Tom Batley as PDC liaison with other Democratic clubs and community organizations.  Ron Pomerantz and Glen Schaller will continue as the PDC representatives to the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee. 

Other actions at meeting.

  • The PDC will write a letter to the KUSP board supporting KUSP Forward, protesting their selling the licenses and urging the board to develop a sustainable plan for maintaining KUSP as a locally operated station. Brian …

20 people in attendance

Deborah Luhrman, chair of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee (DCC) explained how the PDC fits into the structure of the County and State Democratic Party.  A Democratic Club is connected to the party structure through membership in the county central committee which elects delegates to the state central committee.

While our PDC representatives (Ron Pomerantz, member and Glen Schaller alternate) don't have a vote in the Central Committee's endorsement of candidates, we have a vote on all other decisions and, in fact, our PDC representatives can run for and hold office.  For a list of the current members of the DCC http://www.cruzdemocrats.org/about/member-roster/ .

She did point out that the PDC has taken an active role in the…


        Treasurer Gail Jack reported we have $376 in the treasury with our rent for the meeting room paid through March.

Ron Pomerantz reported on Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization (SCRAM) and the resistance against the purchase of the Bearcat by the Santa Cruz Police Department.

§  Our members are encouraged to protest at every City Council meeting.  However, there is some question about whether to protest this Tuesday since there will be a memorial for police officers Sgt. Butch Baker and Elizabeth Butler killed on February 26, 2013. SCRAM will make a decision this weekend whether to protest at that meeting and will get the word out on SCPEL.

§  There was discussion about what "returning the Bearcat" means since it hasn'…

PDC meeting rocked!

Twenty Members present; Sheriff Jim Hart and Kieran Kelly, Field Representative for Asm. Mark Stone

Sheriff Hart reported on the proposed Sobering Center and asked the PDC to submit a letter to the Board of Supervisors in support of the center as its implementation has been designed, and of its placement on Water Street in front of the County Jail .  A description of the Sobering Center concept can be found in Sheriff's press release in article below.

Decision: Members agreed by consensus to have the corresponding secretary write the letter to be submitted before the April14 Supervisors meeting

Kieran Kelly, Field Representative for Asm. Mark Stone, described the "Financial Aid Equity for DREAM Act Students" that Assemblymember Stone has authored a…

Twenty people attended.  Tom Batley facilitated the meeting.

Agenda Items:

          Treasurer's report - Gail Jack reported that we have about $250  in the treasury at this time.  We've paid the Galleria meeting room rent through March and have paid $230 ($110 will be returned to us) to Louden Nelson for Room 3 for the January 31 forum.  We expect to recoup the entire amount with door receipts.

??     It was suggested that a painless way* to pay dues and support the club, is to sign up at the website www.pdclub.org to pay a small amount monthly.  Even $5 a month would bring in the funds to pay the rent and miscellaneous expenses during this off-election year.

*Painless both individually a…

Meeting was opened at 6:45 by V.P. Ron Pomerantz with a quorum present.     

                            Agenda Items

  1. Nominations by the Nominating Committee for 2014-2015 club officers as presented by Paul Elerick:
President - Nancy Abbey                                                                
Vice President - Tom Batley         &n…

1)      Follow-up items to March General Meeting

a)      Tabling:  Brian and Nancy are setting up a schedule of tabling at events where large numbers of people can be reached.  They'll ask the Progressive Network to participate by opening their events to a PDC table and by providing volunteers to help staff the table and material for distribution.
b)      Sheriff's race endorsement:  Ron reported that the ACLU welcomes our co-sponsoring an event they're organizing to interview the three candidates.  Bill Malone will work on the committee to help organize the event and he and Joyce will organize the process for PDC endorsement.  We will donate $50 toward the event and prepare questions for the c…

Treasurer's Report:  $3402.51 balance in the treasury.


1.      Campaign Finance

a.      After thoughtful discussion, the PDC passed the following resolution:

 The People's Democratic Club will not endorse candidates for Santa Cruz City Council who do not agree to the voluntary campaign expenditures ordinance which establishes a limit of $325.00 per contribution and $26,640.65 overall.  Agreeing to this limit in no way guarantees endorsement by  the PDC.

b.      It was agreed that PDC will continue to support Micah Posner's drive to create effective limits on the amount of money spent on elections in the City of Santa Cruz as was determined at the 2013 retreat.  (see www.pdclub.org for M…

Next Meeting: 6:30 May 15

Nominating Committee Report:

Approved a committee of five to recruit leadership candidates to nominate for officer positions: Paul Elerick, chair, Tom Batley, Sue Reynoldson, Gail Jack and Mathilde Rand.  The Committee will bring nominations to the May membership meeting.


1.  ACTION:  Endorse Eshoo, Farr, Alejo, Stone.

2.  ACTION:  Contribute $100.00 to each of the above candidates.

3.  Sheriff's Race:  Members were reminded of the PDC co-sponsored April 28 forum.  Candidates Pursley and Hart are the registered Democrats in the race.  PDC members will be able to vote on endorsement at the forum.  Paul Johnston will send PDC leadership a question to be submitted to the candidates at the forum.


        Twenty two in attendance (18 members in good standing)
Next Meeting: 7:00pm  Thursday February 20, Democratic Headquarters, 740 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Treasurer's Report: $750 in our account including donations to sponsor fundraiser.


Bylaw revisions: the bylaws as edited and revised by Mathilde Rand and Sandra Nichols and reviewed by the Executive Committee were approved by the members present. 

Campaign Technology: Paul Johnston demonstrated the "walk list generator"  - new technology PDC will use that can pinpoint registered voters in any given area and generate a list that will identify party affiliation with the capacity to provide other characteristics such as gender, age, last voting, etc.

We will use the walk list g…

Next meeting, November 21

  1. The treasurer's report showed a balance of $380.52 in the checking account. Two fundraising efforts are underway:  an event in November at Paul Elerick's house, and a drive by the membership committee to raise dues from lapsed members.

  2. The Move to Amend campaign in Santa Cruz County was endorsed by unanimous consensus.  For more information about Move to amend and the local campaign: https://movetoamend.org/ca-santa-cruz.

  3. Gail Jack reported that the Crosson North County Democratic Club's second meeting was attended by approximately 30 people.  Amanda Robinson was elected president and Coco Ranier-Walte, vice president.  Offices of secretary and treasurer are still open.  The club will meet the first Tuesday of the month at Bruno's …

Next meeting: October 17


1.       Election Committee's project to develop a grassroots support base for potential progressive candidates in the 2014 elections:

a.       we'll collect signatures of people pledging to support progressive candidates in the next elections at local events;

b.      the statement for the petition will be revised and approved by the executive committee and others actively involved in collecting signatures;

c.       all members are urged to actively recruit potential progressive candidates for supervisor, school boards, city councils, and other local offices;

d.      members are encouraged to attend the "Breaking the Glass Ballot" …

Next meeting:  PDC Retreat July 21

1.      Election of officers:

President - Nancy Abbey

Vice President - Ron Pomerantz

Secretary - Tom Batley

Treasurer - Paul Johnston

Membership Chair - Paul Elerick

Publicity Chair - Peter Nichols

Newsletter Editor - Brian Murtha

2.      Campaign Finance Reform:   Micah Posner described his proposal for enhancing the existing City of Santa Cruz finance rules and enlisted the support and collaboration of PDC in moving the proposal forward. (See draft of proposal below.) Paul Johnston agreed to work with him on a campaign strategy plan to be introduced at the July 21 retreat.

3.      Collaboration with Cesar Chavez Democratic Club (PVCCDC):  Sandra Nichols reported that the …

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