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The People's Democratic Club is proud to announce endorsements for seats on the Santa Cruz City Council:

  • Bruce Van Allen                                                         
  • Leonie Sherman
  • Cynthia Chase

Members of the PDC (People's Democratic Club) voted their endorsement Monday night after hearing from seven of the eight candidates for Santa Cruz City Council at a forum sponsored by the PDC, the GLBT Alliance, DeSal Alternatives, the Glass Ballot, and the Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers.   The forum attracted a …

Another SRO meeting - 28 people attending.


1.      Treasurer's report: $4200 in checking account after expected expenses from the 8/18 Candidates Forum

2.      Review of the priorities set at the July Retreat: (First priority for next here months is getting our three City Council candidates elected.)

·         Water Issues: Randa Solick and Mathilde Rand will act as liaisons with Desal Alternatives and Earth Democracy (WILPF).

·         Campaign Finance Reform:  the PDC support Micah Posner's proposal for public financing of city council races, support the Disclose Act and movements to reverse Citizens United. Point Person Nancy Abbey

·  &n…

Over 60 PDC members voted last night to endorse Alisun Thompson (Area 2- at large) and Jeremy Shonick (Area 1- inside the city) for the Santa Cruz City School Board.

At a forum sponsored by the PDC and the GLBT Alliance of Santa Cruz County, and attended by approximately 100 interested people, the five candidates answered questions for over an hour. The panel was moderated Sandra Nichols, Santa Cruz County Schools Trustee, with questions written by the sponsoring groups and from the audience. 

Members of the GLBT Alliance will vote on their endorsements at their September meeting: 6:30pm Thursday September 11 at the Santa Cruz Democratic Party headquarters in the Gallleria  (groundfloor, Suite #165) - 740 Front Street, Santa Cruz.


Hosted by the People's D…

Draft Proposal for Campaign Finance Reform in the City of Santa Cruz

Prepared by Micah Posner on 5/20/2012.   Do not copy

 Goal: To allow the city to better serve its primary purpose as a democratic, public institution by:

  •  Insuring that the pool of City Council Candidates is not limited to those with fund raising experience and/or access to money.
  • Significantly increasing the quality of the debate during elections by allowing candidates to focus more on issues and conversations with constituents and less on fundraising.
  • Saving between $60,000 and $200,000 annually in money that would have been spent by the community in donations to campaign funds (depending on what would have been spent on those campaigns).
  • Preventing the potential for corruption, or …

Meeting was opened at 6:45 by V.P. Ron Pomerantz with a quorum present.     

                            Agenda Items

  1. Nominations by the Nominating Committee for 2014-2015 club officers as presented by Paul Elerick:
President - Nancy Abbey                                                                
Vice President - Tom Batley         &n…
Dear Clean Money and California DISCLOSE Act supporters,     

We have disappointing news, though with an encouraging development for the future.

Senators Leno and Hill and the California Clean Money Campaign will not be pursuing an Assembly floor vote this year on SB 52, the California DISCLOSE Act (Leno-Hill).  Opposition from California organized labor leaders made passage of the DISCLOSE Act this session with a 2/3 vote extremely unlikely and even called into question its ability to get a vote at all.

While we worked ambitiously and diligently with organized labor for over a year to address their concerns, those efforts were not successful in persuading them.  You can see our response to the labor opposition here, and an article about th…

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