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6:30pm, Tuesday, December 6

Louden Nelson Center - 301 Center Street

Community Meeting to Strategize and Mobilize

Initiated by Beyond Bernie folks, the evening's intent is to gather together all the progressive people and groups we could identify in Santa Cruz, to join in a discussion of what we should and can do in our new political reality.  We want to identify our priorities and figure out how we can best stand with our vulnerable communities and work together to protect social, racial, environmental and economic justice for all.

Send this to your friends and

......put it on your calendar now!


The PDC has formed a committee for solidarity and sanctuary.  We recognize that it's EVERYONE's job to stand up for immigrants and refugees, for women, for the GLBT community, and for Muslims, Native Peoples and African-Americans targeted by Trump's stop-and-frisk agenda. 

There is much work to do RIGHT NOW in our unions, faith communities, local government and community organizations.  We invite club members and allies to let us know how we can support YOUR solidarity and sanctuary efforts.  Contact us to get involved at pdc.solidarity.sanctuary@gmail.com.


Meeting called to order by Gail Jack at 6:33 pm. 23 members present. Moment of silence for Wolfgang Rosenberg

Good News shared:
  • S.C. City Council Election new members:  Chris Krohn and Sandy Brown
  • S.V. City Council Election new member: Jack Dilles
  •  Central Fire District: all labor union candidates elected
  • AZ:  Sheriff Arpaio is out
  • Measure Z (banning fracking) passed in Monterey Co.
  • Jim Hensen lawsuit affirmed in court

Introductions by members and expression of feelings re Election 2016 with "What now" suggestions.

  • Brian Murtha: Congressional candidates for 2018, identify Republicans who are  vulnerable.
  • David Sweet: Get behind Keith Ellison as new Democratic chair
  • Nancy Abbey:  adding to David's suggestion: progressives need to take a greater interest in the loca…


Human Rights and Alternative Media Delegation Report

Submitted by:  Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee/Oakland California, and Margaret Prescod, host of Pacifica Radio's "Sojourner Truth"

Lead Up to Election Day

Friday, November 18th was the last day of campaigning for Haiti's Presidential and Parliamentary elections which were to be held on Sunday, November 20thOn Friday we visited Delmas 2 where we met with activists on the ground including women and men.  Preparations were underway for the get-out-the vote campaign.  In Delmas 2 there were banners and other materials for the Lavalas Presidential candidate Dr. Maryse Narcisse.  Several people expressed to us the widespread concern that the election maybe stolen, nevertheless the people we spoke…


Introduced by State Senator Kevin De Leon

Key Messages

Immigrants are part of California's heart and soul and have deep roots in our neighborhoods and communities. Trump's threat to deport 3 million people is a witch hunt targeting some of the most vulnerable Californians. Our deepest values are at stake.

Tangling our local and state governments with the dirty business of deportations is a threat to the civil rights and safety of all people. This would unleash more racial profiling, wrongful arrests, and mistreatment, further undermining trust between local communities and law enforcement.

  • We need to recognize the humanity of all people, including people ICE and Trump demonize as "criminals." Community members with arrests or convictions have al…
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