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In 1988, when Bernie Sanders was first running for the U.S. House, he made a cassette recording. One side was a revealing explanation of what socialism means to him.

It starts with a vision for a much better world....

"You really can almost take it seriously that you live in a world where it is considered normal that people go around killing each other. You turn on the television, there they are shooting each other. . . you have people who are living out on the streets or in some places on this planet starving to death, while at the same time you have other people who have billions and billions of dollars. More wealth that they're going to be able to use in a million lifetimes."

 "The basic insanity of that, the immorality of that to me is so abhorrent …

Organizational meeting on the Driscoll's Berry Boycott

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 4:30-6pm, Resource Center for Nonviolence

Driscoll is the world's largest supplier of berries, and its headquarters are right down the road in Watsonville. Farmworkers who pick berries for Driscoll's in Wasthington State and Baja California have risen up and formed their own unions to fight the miserable conditions they work under. For more on the boycottt, go here:

At this meeting, we'll be discussing what we in Santa Cruz can do to support justice for the workers who harvest the strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries eaten by people all over the USA.

  • We are informing local groceries of the boycott so that they have a chance to honor …

Question                                                   Answer


Is the initiative an extension of Proposition 30?


Yes. This initiative temporarily extends the income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians created under Prop 30.

Revenues from the extension will increase funding for public schools and colleges, increase revenues in the Rainy Day Fund, while at the same time freeing up dollars in the general fund and, if certain criteria are met, increasing funding towards health ca…

Attending: Nancy Abbey, Gail Jack, Randa Solick, Ron Pomerantz, Patty Threet, Cappy Israel, Steve Pleich, Nora Hochman, Paul Elerick, Gail Williamson, Franco Picarella, Dru Glover, Dennis Etler, Denise Elerick, Nancy Krusoe


1.   Sheriff Jim Hart, with Chief Deputy, Craig Wilson came to present and answer questions about their 21st Century Policing Model. Jim reported that in the first year of his being in the position of sheriff,  there were immediate needs to be met, like funding positions. (Hiring isnow  more diverse and more reflective of the community.) Jim was successful in establishing a Recovery Center with Federal funding. Janus runs the Recovery Center which includes medical care and referrals for treatment. Jim wanted to expand communication with the…

Join the fun! 3:00 pm Saturday April 9

Fun-Fundrai$er with emcees Zach Friend

                  and Nora Hochman

Awards!   Celebrate Our Unsung Heroes

        Sherry Connable  Steve Pleich     Mathilde Rand     Gail Williamson

 Schmoozing  with friends    Snacks - Beer & Wine   

Enjoy Fun-rai$er Voting... use your dollars to name:

  • best-dressed County Supervisor
  • worst nightmare candidate of 2016
  • best next U.S. President
  • more

$15-$25 at the door (sliding scale)

Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue

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