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The California DISCLOSE Act, SB52, has passed the full Senate in an overwhelming vote for increased disclosure in political ads as 27 Democrats, led by authors Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), were joined by Republican Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Merced) in voting Yes. (note from Nancy A: a 2/3 vote - or 27 yeas - were needed since this will rescind a state initiative previously passed by voters.)

The California Disclose Act, sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, requires state and local political ads in California to clearly and prominently list their top three funders. Committees would be required to maintain a website voters can easily access that lists the largest funders.

SB 52 applies to ballot measure ads and ads by outs…

"After diminishing voting rights on Tuesday, the U. S. Supremes came back out of the cellar on Wednesday honoring the Constitution by finding part of the Defense of Marriage Act invalid thus allowing ALL legally married couples almost all of the same federal benefits, and in a second case allowed to stand the overturning of California's Prop 8, reviving our right to marry for everyone. PDC celebrates diversity!"    Brian Murtha, Ex-officio PDC President

Prepared by Micah Posner on 5/20/2012.


Goal: To allow the city to better serve its primary purpose as a democratic, public institution by:

·         Insuring that the pool of City Council Candidates is not limited to those with fund raising experience and/or access to money.

·         Significantly increasing the quality of the debate during elections by allowing candidates to focus more on issues and conversations with constituents and less on fundraising.

·         Saving between $60,000 and $200,000 annually in money that would have been spent by the community in donations to campaign funds (depending on what would have been spent on those campaigns).


Next meeting:  PDC Retreat July 21

1.      Election of officers:

President - Nancy Abbey

Vice President - Ron Pomerantz

Secretary - Tom Batley

Treasurer - Paul Johnston

Membership Chair - Paul Elerick

Publicity Chair - Peter Nichols

Newsletter Editor - Brian Murtha

2.      Campaign Finance Reform:   Micah Posner described his proposal for enhancing the existing City of Santa Cruz finance rules and enlisted the support and collaboration of PDC in moving the proposal forward. (See draft of proposal below.) Paul Johnston agreed to work with him on a campaign strategy plan to be introduced at the July 21 retreat.

3.      Collaboration with Cesar Chavez Democratic Club (PVCCDC):  Sandra Nichols reported that the …

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