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Meeting called to order by President Gail Jack 9:44am Saturday March 4, 2017

SEIU Hall 517 Mission Street # B Santa Cruz, CA 95060

 Signed in attendance- (* denotes left prior to calculation of Focus goals)

Glen Schaller                                   Judy Geer                              Tom Batley
Gail Jack                                     …

Meeting commenced 6:41pm Tuesday Feb. 7, 2017 at the home of Gail Jack In attendance-
  • Gail Jack - President
  • Nancy Abbey - Treasurer
  • Erik Eriksen - DCC Representative
  • Patty Threet - Secretary
  • Absent - Nora Hochman, Judy Geer, Tom Batley, Brian Murtha, Glenn Schaller,


  • Approval of minutes 
  • Brian's Celebration Updat
  • Treasures Report
  •  SB54
  • Other Items
  • By-laws Changes

Approval of minutes - January 4, 2017 Executive Committee meeting.

Passed 4-0

Brian's Celebration - Nancy provided update

Treasures Report - Nancy Abbey reports that YTD revenue $3,915.00 YTD  expenses $5,721.00 12/31/2016 club balance is $4,300.00

SB 54 California Values Act. -Decision to send letter in support of SB 54 to The Honorable Ricardo Lara - Senate Appropriations Committee Passed 4-0. Erik will compose l…

Two short-term job opportunities:
  1.  Join the nominating committee to enlist candidates for 2017-18 club officers.   
  2. Help plan the next fundraiser.  We need a fun, inspiring fundraiser to re-build our treasury to mount the campaign for a Blue Congress in 2018.   

A not so short-term job opportunity:  offer to be one of those candidates: president,

vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, or corresponding secretary .

To volunteer: gailsharon4.5@gmail.com


Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech

Democratic Party Gala March 2017

I wish I could say that I am experiencing this evening with a light heart.  But these are very troubled and troubling times.  So much that we have worked so hard for is being dismantled and the damage is going to be severe.  If there is any good news, it is that the Democratic Party and the network of progressive organizations and their members are fully awake and activated for the challenge.


I have three quick thoughts as we consider how to move forward.


1. Approach this challenge with compassion.  No matter how vigorously we oppose our adversaries, we must never lose our humanity or our recognition that our adversaries are still our fellow human beings.&n…

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