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If you value protecting the quality of local schools - whether to prepare students for college and successful careers, keep kids safe and engaged in school, or simply to protect your property values - Measure O deserves your YES VOTE.

Our local secondary schools work hard to prepare students from Santa Cruz, Soquel, Live Oak, Capitola, Bonnie Doon, Happy Valley and surrounding communities for college and career success. The high quality education at Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools, and Harbor, Santa Cruz, and Soquel High Schools includes advanced courses and enrichment in math, science, technology, the arts, and career training. 

But State and County budget cuts are taking their toll, eliminating funding for secondary programs that contribute to a well-­?rounded…

WITHOUT RAISING YOUR TAX RATE, VOTE YES on Measure P to protect the outstanding quality of education provided in Santa Cruz elementary (K-­?6)   schools.

Santa Cruz has a tradition of supporting its local schools. Exceptional teachers, small class sizes, challenging instructional programs, dedicated parent volunteers, and outstanding science, art and music curricula have prepared generations of local children to succeed in middle and high school, college, and 21st Century careers.

But years of state budget cuts and now, the State's new funding formula, continue to threaten our local schools.

Fortunately, in 2008 over 80% of Santa Cruz voters approved a modest school parcel tax that today provides a stable funding source to maintain educational excellence and protect neig…

How Edward Abbey lit the flame of environmental activism & gave the movement its soul 

Join the Ventana Wilderness Alliance for Wrenched at the Del Mar Theatre in downtown Santa Cruz on Thursday, October 1st at 7 PM.

This Santa Cruz screening reminds viewers that the spirit of Edward Abbey is alive and more important than ever. "The situation is actually more dire now" claims filmmaker M. L. Lincoln. "People from all walks of life are being affected by what's going on - climate change, fracking, floods and roads going where they shouldn't." Lincoln's film reveals how Abbey inspired the nascent environmental movement, and how young people have carried into the 21st century, as personified in Tim DeChristopher, who singlehandedly halted the destruction of 100,00…

The historic Golden Rule peace boat, restored by Veterans For Peace, will dock in Santa Cruz on Monday, September 14 during her voyage from San Diego to her homeport (Eureka) on California's north coast. There will be a press conference covering the arrival on Tuesday, September 15 at 10:30 am at the plaza adjacent to Café El Palomar, 2222 East Cliff Drive (near the Crow's Nest).

In 1958, this 30-foot Ketch and her Quaker crew helped to ignite an international movement to stop the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons when they attempted to sail into a nuclear test zone in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). The Golden Rule is now sailing again to promote a nuclear-free world. Over the next ten years, she will carry her message of pea…

Sunday Sept. 20 at 10:00am - 12:30pm

Hear about El Salvador's successful program to eliminate adult illiteracy!!

Responding to the CALL FOR SOLIDARITY from the Salvadoran Ministry of Education, a delegation from the United States organized by the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) went to El Salvador to accompany youth volunteers who are teaching adults to read and write.

Since 2010, OVER 140,000 ADULTS have learned to read for free through this government initiative! Find out how this program is deepening democratic changes in the country.

Four delegates from San Francisco went to El Salvador to join the Literacy Brigades. Come and hear their stories. This is a breakfast fundraiser.

1339 Leila Ct. (near Capitola Rd. and17th in Live Oak); please r…

6:30pm - Meet the crew of the Golden Rule [www.pdclub.org/blog:pdclub/article/id/3900904]   The crew will stay for our program about the WILPF Manifesto.

Main WILPF Manifesting Peace Program will be interactive and start promptly at 7 PM
Suggested preparation for the program:

Watch part of the hour-long program Joy, Patricia and Mathilde did for CTV on their experiences in The Hague (we will not repeat this on Sept. 15):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDYlf-bv0iI  and the presentation by Joy Hinz to WILPF in May: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6yKiwBZMlA

Location:  Sorrento Oaks Mobile Home Park, in the Clubhouse, 800 Brommer St., near the corner of 7th Avenue. Please carpool or park in designated spaces in the park or on Brommer street.

PDC Meeting  6:30pm Thursday

Dem Headquarters - The Galleria - ground floor

You'll not want to miss this meeting - join us to discuss:

§  our response to the Beach Flats garden issue.

§  PDC support for measures O & P.

§  latest news from Affordable Housing NOW.

§  by-law changes regarding endorsement of ballot measures.

§  and more.

If you have an item to add to the agenda, contact Gail Jack   gailsharon4.5@gmail.com

AB 1351, Eggman. Deferred entry of judgment: pretrial diversion.

Existing law allows individuals charged with specified crimes to qualify for deferred entry of judgment. A defendant qualifies if he or she has no conviction for any offense involving controlled substances, the charged offense did not involve violence, there is no evidence of a violation relating to narcotics or restricted dangerous drugs other than a violation that qualifies for the program, the defendant's record does not indicate that probation or parole has ever been revoked without being completed, and the defendant's record does not indicate that he or she has been granted diversion, deferred entry of judgment, or was convicted of a felony within 5 years prior to the alleged commission of the charged offen…

It's unconstitutional to ban the homeless from sleeping outside, the federal government says

Washington Post blog

By Emily Badger   August 13, 2015

We all need sleep, which is a fact of life but also a legally important point. Last week, the Department of Justice argued as much in 
a statement of interest  http://www.justice.gov/opa/file/643766/download  it filed in a relatively obscure case in Boise, Idaho, that could impact how cities regulate and punish homelessness.

Boise, like many cities, the number of which has swelled since the recession, has an ordinance banning sleeping or camping in public places. But such laws, the DOJ says, effectively criminalize homelessness itself in situations where people simply have nowhere else to sleep. From…

send Via email to leg.unit@gov.ca.gov



 Honorable Governor Jerry Brown                                                                                      

State Capitol, Suite 1173                                            &nb…

Via fax: 916-558-3160, email: leg.unit@gov.ca.gov

September 20, 2015

Honorable Jerry Brown                                                                                                                                      &nb…

4pm Sunday  September 27th

Resource Center for Nonviolence

Come hear about the Aloha `Aina movement that is unifying Hawaii to stand up to protect sacred places, vote out agrochemical corporations and claim their sovereign rights.

 Last month 10K people came together under the banner of aloha aina ( love of the land) in Waikiki.   Led by young educated Hawaiians, who are asserting their rights to protest the desecration of sacred mountains, Mauna Kea  and Haleakala  and to protest the poisoning of land, water and air by the world's largest agrochemical companies.

Come to the Resource Center for Non Violence on Sunday the 27th to learn and discuss how this movement affects you. How you can support ,what is pono,  what is right by standing up i…

A proposal for dialogue and action by the City of Santa Cruz and our homeless community. Prepared by Santa Cruz Community Homeless Depot members Rabbi Philip M. Posner, Steve Pleich, and John Kevin Rothwell                           [Last updated Tuesday, September 22,2015].

Homeless Depot Shelter Proposal

On August 6, 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a statement of interest in the Idaho federal district court in Bell v. City of Boise et al., a case brought by homeless plaintiffs who were convicted under Boise ordinances that criminalize sleeping or camping in public.

In summary, the DOJ stated that:

"Pursuing charge…

        1)   Treasurer's Report: Gail Jack

a)      Mathilde Rand unable to attend tonight. We have about $2500 in our account right now.   We will depend on October fundraiser to generate more dollars. Nancy Abbey reminded us that some past members need to renew their dues.

2)     Affordable Housing Now Update: Gail Jack

a)   Gail passed out flyers that summarize the activities of the coalition, and state the goals and purposes of the coalition. The group is lobbying city council and supervisors.There is interest in curtailing AirBnB and ADU usage for rentals.  AFN has put on 2 forums.  

b)      Glen Schaller reported on a CO…

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